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Animal-Shaped Cable Protector

  • $4.95

You spend a lot on new cables because they all end up breaking near the plug? These little guys will be the greatest money savers! Place them right between the plug and the cable and start using your headphones and chargers with not a single worry! Features: - Protects your charging cords from breaking or ripping apart. - You can place it in any of the cable's end. - Variety of cute and colorful animal designs for you to choose. - The most useful and pretty gift you can give to your family and friends. - Ideal for phone chargers, laptop chargers, and many other cables. Specifications: - Material: Silicone rubber. - Available in 36 animal designs! - Size: L 36 mm x W 17.5 mm x D 18 mm. - Net weight: 6 gr.